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Strategy Interval Training is a series of online courses developed by Stephanie Blackburn Freeth, CEO & Founder of Adaptive Alternatives LLC. Stephanie provides strategic planning consulting and executive coaching to leaders in businesses and nonprofits. These online courses are designed to help leaders strengthen their own "strategic muscles," so that their organizations can thrive. The courses are organized in a variety of topic areas related to strategic planning. Leaders can pick and choose specific courses that meet their most pressing training needs.

Jumpstart your planning process

Strategic planning processes can drag on forever if you don't know how to navigate the potential pitfalls ahead of time. With this course, you'll learn how to make the best use of your planning process and shorten the time from start to finish.

Achieve better results

By knowing more about how a strategic planning process should flow, you'll get better results with your team for your organization. You might just even feel like a strategic super hero!

Learn on your own time

You may be an expert in your field, but even the thought of starting a strategic planning process may seem scary. With this course, you can save time and learn at your own pace without going to an expensive in-person training.

Gain confidence

You may have lots of questions about strategic planning, but may be intimidated to ask them in front of your team or other colleagues. With this course, you'll feel more confident about your own strategic skills and knowledge base.

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